About Us

Fractal Software is a start-up software company founded in 2016 by Onur Aktaş and M. Ender Yücel combining their over 15 years of experience in the sector.
We develop web based and mobile softwares for companies to run their business better and faster. To achieve this aim we provide both SaaS products and bespoke softwares.

Fractal Software is a member of Microsoft's BizSpark program.

Our Founders

Onur Aktaş

President, Computer Engineer and Team Leader

Onur has over 10 years of experience in software including banking, tele-communications and e-commerce.

Previously managed development teams for various Turkcell SMS and POS projects, Onur acts as the team leader of the development team at Fractal.
Holding a M.Eng. degree in software from Boğaziçi University, his experience includes internet banking projects for 2 major Turkish banks.

M. Ender Yücel

CEO, Computer Engineer and Software Architect

Graduated from Robert College and studied Computer Engineering at Koç University, Ender is a software developer, team leader and architect.

At Fractal, Ender holds both managerial and technical position. He is CEO of the company and coordinates on going operations.
For the technical part, Ender is giving direction to the company's technology standards and in charge of designing the architecture of the projects.